And it begins!

In my previous organization, I would write weekend stories to my staff every weekly or fortnightly.  About things that were going on in our organisation and why, our culture and values, uplifting stories, interesting stuffs and such.  Occasionally, I would write to our volunteers and partners too.

Each story took much time and effort to write (I’m not a natural writer).  But each time I wrote, I was happy and energized :)  It felt good to connect with my team, and it enforced in me a discipline to pause and reflect regularly.

When I left the organization, I was surprised to hear that many colleagues actually read the stories, and looked forward to them.  Among the stories they remembered most were simple ones that they could relate to.  Little insights about life that seemed simple but meant a lot.

And I thought, maybe I should continue to write, online!

As I began a 2-year learning journey on the dynamics of people in organizations, and a new life in the US, I wanted this personal journey to benefit not just myself but others too.

I am aware that many of the things I will learn can be quite complex, and I too may take a long time to understand them.  The irony is that this complexity may be a barrier that prevents good ideas from being understood and applied more widely to benefit more people.

Last weekend at my program retreat, I learned something about myself.  I learned that I had a natural inclination to make things simpler, at least to help myself understand things.  Perhaps this is something that we as engineers do, or at least this engineer does! :P

I thought, if I could instil in myself a discipline to simplify complexity, or just notice the simplicity (and beauty) of life in every day moments, and write about them, this could be useful to myself, and perhaps others too.

So this is a personal quest to share simpler ideas for a better life.  It would also be a personal challenge for me to think clearly and write simply.  Even if I fail to make it as simple as it can be, hopefully it will be simpler than what it may otherwise be.

The tagline that I hope will come true some day, is that the best ideas are not those that few can understand but those that everyone can relate to.

Any blessings and feedback you may have for this journey, will be much appreciated! :)


2 thoughts on “And it begins!

  1. I just had the best time catching up on your blog! I think your self diagnosis is correct – you absolutely do have a natural inclination to make things simpler..but more than that – you naturally get people to listen to you (which is maybe even the bigger part of the problem in our society!)! Excited to keep following your thoughts and journey :)

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