Spring is coming! :)

Looks like the polar vortex is returning for the 3rd time! :\

However, I’m feeling optimistic that it won’t be as bad this time, because there are many signs that winter is winding down and spring is on its way! :)

The days are certainly getting longer. We have long pased the shortest day in winter (22 Dec), when sunrise was 7:14am and sunset was 4:23pm (in Chicago). Today, sunrise was 6:32am and sunset was 5:36pm. And we have seen more sunshine days these two weeks :)

And the trees are starting to bud! I couldn’t resist snapping this picture on my way to school. In this day and age, we like to believe sophisticated technology and sensors can predict everything. However, I’m someone who believes that Mother Nature knows far more than we will ever do, and nature offers clues to many of our most complex questions. So if the trees are budding, spring can’t be too far away. And I trust the trees :)


More signs of nature! Fauna is out and about as well. So Rusty’s “enemies”, the squirrels, didn’t freeze in the winter. In fact, they are starting to appear in numbers again! I spotted a few, but wasn’t fast enough to snap them. But I did catch a number of these swans happily nestling in the sun! :)


And if you’re still not convinced that spring is coming, here’s a view from the treadmill at the sports center – it was breathtaking!


So, even though it may get cold again later this week, things are definitely starting to look up! Yay! :D


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