Fascinating Mind

British artist Stephen Wiltshire was in Singapore for the past two weeks to draw the Singapore skyline.

According to Wikipedia, Stephen was mute when he was young, and at the age of three, he was diagnosed as autistic.

Stephen has a talent for art. From a tender age, he would draw buildings and cityscapes. He has the ability to look at something and draw it entirely from memory. For his Singapore project, Stephen was taken on an hour-long ride on a helicopter to take a look at the skyline of Singapore (for the first time in his life). The following week, he drew the entire skyline from memory.

This is his finished product.

Skyline Sketch

Like many others, I was bowled over by this! It is an amazing human feat and work of art!!

Given his verbal impairment and autism, by most measures Stephen would be considered someone with “special needs”. Some might even see them as “disabilities”.

Yet, as Stephen’s story shows, despite all our scientific advances there is a lot more about the human brain and body that we do not know about yet. Despite what some may see as a “disadvantage”, the human body seems to have a remarkable ability to make up for that with talents in other areas.

I would like to believe that among the many who may be perceived as “disabled” or “deficient”, there lies many other hidden talents that we simply have not discovered. It gives me hope that we will one day discover them :)


Photo credits:

The Straits Times


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